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Townsville Bathroom Renovations:

Bathroom looking dreary, still functional but needs a bit of a spruce up? one of our bathroom renovation specialists can help with many Bathroom improvements including vanity installation, tiling, painting, waterproofing/ sealing and so much more. For bathroom improvements handled in a professional and timely manner, hiring the right trade is key.


An In-Depth Look At Services

While some services may seem fairly straight forward, others can seem vague for those unfamiliar with bathroom renovation work. We are always here to point you in the right direction!

Lets have a look a some services we provide:




Bathrooms can be a complex part of any home. Whether there is a leaky faucet or new cabinets need to be installed, hiring a bathroom renovation specialist can help with a potentially frustrating project. In addition to cabinetry, counter tops can also be altered to create a new look. our bathroom gurus in Townsville can help with a variety of surfaces including marble, granite, quartz and natural stone, just to name a few.


Light fixtures problems are also a common request. Since light is crucial to any bathroom, track lights, recess lighting and chandeliers can all be repaired. To maintain high ceiling lights, many people need help simply changing light bulbs. With the right tools, any of these issues can be addressed and fixed without any fuss.


Complete Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom services are not restricted to plumbing. In fact, there are lots of renovations that need to be done where a plumber is not required. Shower door installation, for instance, can be incredibly important. This is especially true for those who are older or have a limited range of motion. Tile floors, faucets, drywall and mirror installation are also key components to updating or creating a perfect bathroom. If you want an incredible blend of practicality and style, our staff are always more than chuffed to give you a bathroom that leaves guests impressed with the finished product.


Modern styles for every type of home

Bathroom renovation's are at the heart of what we do here at Bathroom renovations Townsville. We are super passionate about making your home look amazing and keeping it that way. Renovations can be major or subtle depending on what needs to be fixed. Our team of experts will asses, inform and help maintain or revamp your bathroom to suit they style of the hoe while also giving it a more contemporary feel.


There are many ways to renovate a bathroom Depending on the space that needs renovation, a variety of skills are necessary. Our bathroom socialists can provide Grouting and tiling, painting, sealing or waterproofing, flood repairs, basic carpentry and ventilation...the list goes on.

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Our Services


A fresh (or new) coat of paint can radically change bathroom renovations especially when it comes to the atmosphere and feel of a bathroom. Whether you’re interested in changing the colour of a room or looking to paint just a single feature wall, professional painting is best.

Manual painting without experience can leave rooms looking lopsided or sparse. It can be tricky to pick out the exact right colour without knowledge of specific day and night-time lighting. To ensure an even coat of paint that is perfected throughout the area, hiring our bathroom specialist's can save you time and energy.


Professionally done floors can greatly improve the value of any home. Our outsourced-skilled flooring team can help with wood, laminate, tiled floors or composite flooring Just to name a few.

Floor issues can range from dents, broken tiles, loose boards or water damage. By having first-hand knowledge of a variety of floor material, our bathroom renovation specialists in Townsville, with the quality aid of a professional flooring installation team can usually fix flooring instead of relying on potentially expensive replacement services.

Real estate and Strata Services

had crazy tenants in and you need new ones, fast?!
Maybe its something small and niggly but you know that bathrooms can usually seal the deal of a property, which means happy long term tenants.
Strata services and real estate services involves regular operations in replacing bathrooms of a property. We deal with it all: house, duplex, unit and apartments!
 bathroom improvements for multiple units can pose several issues that may be expensive or time consuming. Our Real estate services and strata property include basic or major cosmetic changes, repairs and renovations. 

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Bathroom cabinetry:

Building a cabinet can take months if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hiring a Pro ensures that home improvements will be done in a time efficient manner with professional knowledge of material and placement. From building a quality-frame to choosing the finish, cabinetry building is a major task. A cabinet maker can help you experiment with different shapes, sizes and material by helping you decide on your bathroom improvements.


Since building cabinetry requires attention to detail, professionalism is key. Dimensions, sketches and a proper paint job are all important factors. For existing cabinetry that may need maintenance or a spruce up, a smaller level job can be performed for repairs if necessary.


commercial bathroom services
To renovate a bathroom in a retail or commercial space can be tricky, certain aspects just must be done to a high safety standard and done well. Installing electrical faucet technology or interactive mirrors shouldn't be done by just anyone. The requirement needed to install these bits of equipment's need to be done professionally and with WHS standards in mind. While it’s easy to put off Bathroom renovations in your commercial property until absolutely necessary, it is an important job for the safety and security of those who use your facilities and work there.

​Shower screen door Service
 Bathroom renovations aren't suppose to be a headache, but sometimes installing that expensive glass for your bathroom can be stressful. Glassing  service's can include picking the right type, thickness, style then figuring out how to install the thing. Depending on the type of bathroom you have, specific care may be necessary. Hiring our specialist's can help. From beginning to end our Glass install team can make life easier by providing a variety of related services.


Carpentry & electricals

Although carpentry may seem easy from a do-it-yourself book, many people struggle with the fundamentals. A professional bathroom specialist can fix, build and renovate. Installing cabinets and drywall, working with a variety of materials and replacing door frames or faucets. Small concreting jobs designed to repair or restore can also be provided. Basic carpentry skills are essential when properly handling the renovations of a bathroom.

​ electrician's and ventilation
electrical installation is crucial to keep tenants and businesses safe. Proper installation is crucial when it comes to the functionality of these appliances and switches. In addition to the safety of an individual or building, ventilation can also be installed for correct airflow options. When it comes to safety of your home, your family and your friends We know compromise isn't an option.

Bathroom renovations Near Me?
Many people wonder "where is a bathroom renovation specialist near me"? Someone who actually knows what they are doing and can get it done fast but with quality? Luckily, most specialists can be found locally. Bathroom renovation Townsville can help with all your bathroom needs. Whether you’re looking for real-estate service, sprucing up a bathroom, small concreting jobs or cosmetic care, hiring a professional can provide quality service for any job.


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